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GRC / BPM Cloud Direct - Implementation Training

We also offer customized training material and practical tools to setup, implement and successfully use our software solutions. Our office has a suitable training facility which allows for a comfortable environment for teams to learn our software, becoming more skilled, and valuable.

Topics covered include, applications installation - (VerityBeyond & SailPoint IAM), environment setup Oracle Virtualbox Virtual machines, cloud software deployments, installation, database application delivery, setting up supply chain software data objects, data models and flow safety workflows, modelling critical supply chain risk management practices using software. We also cover database setup, application server deployment and configuration. This is a hands on class, that is collaborative, dynamic and exciting.


Course ID Description
VMIMPL001 Digital Foundations of business process management, New customer onboarding, new SOP order onboarding/lifecycle, BPM SOP workflow design and use case execution, field service supply chain risk management, QoS modelling, software implementation for scheduled maintenance, 1-1 structural and digital-twin process mapping, cost management for sustainable team project support - VerityBeyond GRC BPM Enterprise.
VMIMPL002 Verity GRC Certified Implementer: Deployment, installation and support for enterprise BPM initiatives including BPM application server installation, VM cloud installation and security, database setup, Apache Tomcat RESTful services deployment and SSL security; customer onboarding, lifecycle management, SOP orders workflow design, web-front end integration.
VMIMPL003 Intermediate level SailPoint IIQ implementation, and support for enterprise identity and access management initiatives including access provisioning and reviews - SailPoint IAM software. SSB builds and CI integration via git, Application onboarding, identity mapping design and database schema, Joiner-Mover-Leaver Auto-LCM provisioning workflows using API-based secure/trusted methods for ease-of-use, performance, scalability, implementing basic UI access requests & certifications for PCI/HIPAA compliance. Implementing Roles RBAC setup, best-practice approvals and roles maintenance

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