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BPM Lifecycle

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BPM: Business Process Management

Our software Verity Service-Commerce helps with implementing digital process improvement.
  Nowellgroup Business Process Management

Co-ordinating the lifecycle of critical business processes: onboarding, ongoing service maintenance and decommissioning; BPM: this is the adoption of software to improve business processes to reduce costs and increase efficiency; our software can be generally used to enhance business process improvement initiatives in the following areas:

  • Customer experience enhancement & workflow collaboration
  • Enterprise quality and safety management process improvement.
  • Digital multi-site inventory and workflow management.
  • BPM certification maintenance assures that critical assets perform at minimum required industry standards, enhancing customer experience.
  • Development & execution of SOP's standard operating procedures' workflows targeting specific use cases.
  • KPI measurement and monitoring.
  • Perfomance monitoring, optimization & continuous measurement.
  • Asset service maintenance and management.
  • Cash-flow expense management for day-to-day operations service management.
  • Cloud software enables border-less seamless collaboration among team members in geographically dispersed locations.

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