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Verity Online  enhances CX customer experience, manufacturing, and service excellence through team-based supply chain risk management; Our software brings teams together to boost field service inspection, quality and HSE  maintenance of their most critical supply chain assets.  Software supports team-focused agile supply chain inspections, digital quality calibration, logistics, and availability assuring long term safety performance, collaboration and sustainability. Adopt flexibility, vigilance, diligence, prudence across supply chain operations and quality delivery. The software platform is geared to meet needs in supply chain, distribution, manufacturing, transportation and facilities maintenance space. For more details, see the Quick data sheet

  • Supply chain risk management software for distribution chains & facilities
  • Digital calibration inspections, and routine maintenance workflows
  • End to end quality inspection certification/comissioning of critical supply chain components to meet ISO, OSHA, API compliance
  • Multisite, multi-user supply-demand chain, logistics efficiency
  • ISO quality maintenance and multisite stock availability management
  • Flexibility enables us adapt to change to improve performance
  • Manage your physical warehouse and distribution centers
  • Search inventory, flow, cost and movement of equipment and products
  • Simplify ordering from 3rd party supplier teams, enable them to fulfill your orders
  • Flow design, safety design, development
  • Logistics flexibility and equipment control allocation, financials integration
  • Collaborate teamwide safety, risk and maintenance inspections initiatives via software
  • Demonstrate OSHA regulations & compliance requirements for insurance
  • Database support for Oracle 11G and MySQL Enterprise