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Verity EE supply chain risk management software is a software solution that drives efficiency, agility and safety for complex supply chains; Software helps reduce waste and optimize assets via lean and efficient operations, helping manufacturers and distributors manage merchandise inventory, logistics movement, safety inspections and maintenance in a multisite, multiuser linked supply chain
The software makes it easier to manage supply and demand. In addition software enables the team to be more responsive and agile. Enhance site safety, implement strong risk management, and execute facilities maintenance and ISO quality inspections; Enable your team to confidently meet customer needs, with excellence; Digital workflows can be used for implementing process excellence initiatives such as Six Sigma, and 5S ; Solutions support Microsoft platform including Windows Tablet. Solutions support Oracle 11G, and MySQL database for robust data management, backup and replication; For more see features sheet

Vertical applications - design software for digital supply chain,logistics, distribution,safety design, etc, six sigma, 5S process improvement development, OSHA compliance, maritime, transportation, consumer retail, manufacturing, industrial and manufacturing, energy upstream, midstream, downstream, maintenance, safety and inspections