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About us

  • Deploy software in cloud provider of your choice e.g Amazon, Azure, Softlayer, Oracle, etc
  • Supports excellence and rich teamwork in supply chain risk management
  • Application software is hosted in cloud or on premise and delivered as a service
  • Customers select their own preferred cloud hosting partner and grant us access
  • We deploy or assist customer in deploying and setting up the solution on their systems
  • After deployment, we transition solution to the customer for their management
  • For collaboration, data is hosted in secure fire-walled collocated environment
  • Remotely accessible via secure graphical users interface 
  • Data is encrypted (at-rest & in-transit) using strong dynamic AES 256 based on OpenSSL
  • Software installed and deployed over the public internet
  • Easy to use, implement & administer
  • Redundancy backup is built in via database (MySQL / Oracle)
  • Lower cost of deployment and management
  • Excellent solutions for managed service providers

  • SAS 70 Type II compliance audit of cloud data centers
  • 99.99% uptime of data servers
  • Leveraging colocation services of a reliable international hosting provider(s)