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Our business process management software suite, Verity Symphony 4S, designed for empowering teams in the cloud, delivered in the cloud, bringing collaboration to your supply chain, distribution, field service & facilities maintenance and manufacturing teams at a reasonable cost

Implementing Verity Symphony BPM software boosts excellence across the supply chain life cycle, driving prudence agility, and better overall financial management. The software helps field service teams drive efficiency, agility and safety for complex supply chains; Better co-ordinate distribution, define and execute digital certification inspections, repairs for seamless service quality across the end to end supply chain;

Software helps reduce waste and optimize assets, helping manufacturers and distributors manage merchandise inventory, movement, safety inspections and maintenance in a multisite, multiuser linked supply chain

Due to secure private cloud model, software enables teams to drill into details to resolve supply chain maintenance defects and issues; easier to manage challenges by becoming more flexible and able to make changes where necessary, enabling the team to be more responsive and agile. Enhance site safety, implement strong risk management, and execute facilities maintenance and ISO quality inspections; Enable teams to confidently meet customer experience needs, with excellence;

Implement process excellence initiatives such as Six Sigma, ISO, API, OSHA certification compliance and 5S ;  For more see features sheet

Verticals include  facilities management, hospitality, fintech, manufacturing, retail, transportation, utilities, telecom, service providers, pharma, insurance,fintech, flex engineering;  Consider adopting digital software solutions to bring about the accuracy and quality in your integrated quality, risk management and boost supply chain performance with the right tools and support