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Verity Symphony BPM software is used to co-ordinate and service customer traffic, map digital supply chain, and digitally carry out integrated chain risk inspections, and inventory availability and quality assurance. Implementation of these solutions provides adequate risk coverage, and increased performance for supply chain standard operating procedures. Implement ISO quality enhancements to boost overall performance, including task collaboration. Bring richer collaboration among financial and project engineering advisors to work together to enhance service delivery

We also assist in deploying and integrating comprehensive IAM software solutions for our clients, including SailPoint SailPoint IIQ software excels in cross-platform IAM, access provisioning (joiner, mover, leaver) for internal and external enterprise application software assets; SailPoint also is recommended for access certification to validate that application access is given to the right people. For more see TrustRadius SailPoint IAM review

Its about trust, its about collaboration. Security is a state of the information business. Its really about openness, integrity and trust, and the journey to get there

Shalom ESX4 is our hosted API software solution, designed for cloud virtual machines, offering real time anomaly detection and hosted authentication for online security sensitive business workloads. We also offer a rich  authentication software API to integrate with your existing enterprise applications