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Silver-AccessPass PartnerNetwork grants clients and partners the solutions and access they need to get up and running quickly, and cost-effectively. Try, explore, evaluate, decide. Our software solutions are free for developer integration, sales demonstration and evaluation; customers may purchase a subscription and support license after evaluation

Verity BPM QoS 4.4.3-s-rel-build-Windows_x86_64-thin-client July-2020

Verity software enables teams to build the customer experience (CX) by enhancing collaboration,  rich team risk management in the distributed supply chain. Collaboration between suppliers, enhancing quality, safety design and routine maintenance inspections. Bring online your regional partners and specialists to participate in the maintenance, ISO inspections and smooth operation of your linked supply chain. Better synergize and co-ordinate customer service traffic, critical maintenance of interconnected facilities and equipment. In addition, bring online your 3rd party suppliers to link, participate and assure availability; Contact support@nowellgroup.com to join Silver AccessPass partner network,  to request cloud server access

IBS application server uses SQL standard for database,supporting  MySQL v8.0, v5.7, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle Database 12c either on premise or via Oracle Cloud,.In addition Java JDK/JRE 1.7 or greater is required. We can also deploy application server software in any cloud service provider of your choice including Amazon EC2, Azure, Softlayer or in your private enterprise network

IBS Openwave SDK is a software development kit that allows enterprise applications to better integrate together, by sharing a secure communications and 2-way authentication layer; Download Shalom ESX 5-release-build-Windows_x86_64